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10:51 p.m. - 2021-03-28
ocean, waves, kayak
Today I went kayaking with a coworker who wanted to trade me that for a ride in my plane. It felt good to be out in the ocean again and we had 4-5' swells so that made it even more fun. We went to one of his favorite beaches that has a cave he likes to hang out in. He was going to cook up some salmon for us to have a picnic there but he forgot his was sort of awkward. So we chatted a little but I really didn't feel like opening up too much about we called it a day. Of course I left my dry change of clothes at home and I was drenched!
I made a difficult decision to delete an old friend from high school from FB tonight. We got in a bit of an argument over that Lil Nas video which she was trying to defend as being artistic. I told her there is nothing artsy about a satanic ritual, and tried to explain I've known people injured as kids in these things. She kept asking what kids have to do with it, and saying the devil is like the easter bunny to her..I told her it is real and from someone who has been involved in the "occult" for so long I ought to know..told her to stay safe and may God save her soul. That she didn't like at all.
My FB feed is filled with about 20 of her post a day, she writes about everything she is doing and I just don't feel like I have any sort of connection with her anymore. She complains about everything and everyone and I know she's lived a hard life but that was her choice.
I need to find people who will bring me up now and who share similar beliefs I feel like I can't relate to anyone anymore.
I have this week off to go camping with Jojo, Michelle and her daughter. Michelle is a big time Aries and always keeps me on my toes. She likes a lot of order and structure, and I'm sure has our entire camping trip planned out by the hour, but I haven't received the written itinerary yet! She loves to argue! So not sure how relaxing this trip will be. Not sure if we will find many mushrooms either as I think things are starting to dry out now.
I need to tell Jo's school she'll be gone..I don't like talking to them at all. We just got a letter from her school nurse that she needs to be fully vaccinated before she returns to school next year. I don't know what to do about it. I want it to be her decision now, and I know she'll most likely pick whatever allows her to go to school because she is so sociable. I don't want her to get hurt, and I'm fully against the state telling me what to do medically with our children.
I told Rainbow I want to plan some trips with her out to the desert in April and she said she'd love to go. I miss Trona a lot and I just feel like I need to be about there again
Shoot it's a full moon..maybe I should take that second sleeping pill...



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