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5:21 p.m. - 2021-03-07
Arctic hip pain
Don't know where my head has been lately..just been lethargic and a bit depressed. Nothing has been really moving on the spiritual front either.
I've been drinking 32oz of water with magnesium and electrolytes everyday and my sick headaches went away. I don't know if it's from that or something else, but I'm just so happy not to have them.
My one-on-one yoga/assisted stretch with Jenna has been helping a lot too with the pain in my hips, neck and lower back. I went for a long hike/run yesterday on trails I haven't visited for awhile. It was perfect! No tourist, and only saw one person in the distance with a face diaper. Everyone else was mountain biking or serious exercise hiking, but stop, say hi and smile. It was so nice to actually see people smiling!!! My hips are really hurting today from it so I ordered some elastic workout bands to do resistance work on my legs. It's worked in the past strengthening the muscles that support my hips. That's something I can easily do after or before work.
I had another dream about Mike last night. This time he had moved to my town but was avoiding me for whatever reason. I saw him driving around this parking lot and in the dream I think he knew I was there, but just kept driving and didn't park.
So later I decided to meditate a bit on this because I'm sick of him popping into my dreams like this. What I got out of it when I dove into the feeling was abandonment..the type of abandonment with no explanation at all. So I'm trying to remember when I felt that before, and yeah I had with him because we were amicable for a long time until he just disappeared and made no attempt to contact me even though we were in the same field of work and were good least I thought we were. That's a hard one to get over when you just have no closure or answers just doesn't make sense. I'm trying to find a way to release these feelings and clear them. At least I recognize what it is so I'm making a bit of progress.
I just finished reading the book "The Smoky God" which is about a Nordic father and son who sail to the North pole in the early 1800's, find an opening and go into inner earth. We will review it in book club Wednesday so I'm excited. I wish I had read it (not sure if it was in print) while I was in college working in the arctic archives. We had a huge room of maps and ancient marrinars books, plus ship logs, many of which hadn't been cataloged. I worked in the more modern area cataloging pictures, and documents into records to be recorded for catalog. It was a really cool job! I'm just curious if there are any other printed material other explorers have written on a opening in the arctic? It never came up in Northern studies and one of my professors was a US military spy stationed in Finland..seems like he'd know of stories. I miss those days.



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