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10:47 p.m. - 2021-01-01
Another year and nothing has changed
Well it's been a bad and a bad beginning to another year. This week at work they gave me this note from our Ops director saying that a meeting would be scheduled for an investigation of me because a report was written I was talking bad about the cleaning staff. Not exactly those words but that was the gist of it. I called my union rep who said this is the most petty thing ever and he'd go into the meeting with me to have it dismissed. He thought it could be one of the more anal supervisors Kevin who wrote the report. But after talking to my coworkers about it they all said it was Don because he always narks on us for every little thing. My union rep said not to worry because if it was something major they would have already spoken to me about it, but he's really upset they are bothering with something so stupid.
I had been telling the supervisors the cleaning staff has been doing a bad job, and only the female supervisor was bothered by it and took pictures of the mess they'd been leaving behind to show to upper management that they have been slacking. I never said anything bad specifically about them other then they do a crappy job cleaning, what's wrong with that???
Francine told me now I'm going through what she went through the first 1.5 years she's worked for the company..being picked on for stupid shit constantly. I told my coworkers and union rep I'm fed up. I've done so much to try and raise the moral of my coworkers up in the satellite office who with me all feel like outcast of the company. I took back all the books, and games I put on the table to entertain us on our layovers. I'm done buying holiday decorations and making cookies. Bev says not to be like that and to just be myself, but I'm tired of only getting bad stuff pointed out.
Then this morning I go to check my bank account to see if I got my $600. It was there along with extra for claiming my daughter so that made me happy. But then I see this $1,825 check that I did not write posted late last night and is being held til the 4th. I called the fraud department but they told me they cannot access my account to see what it is until tomorrow morning when the banks open! So all day I've been a nervous wreck and so upset over everything. I don't understand all of this and it's just taring me up. There is really nothing I can do at all about it now other then just sit with it.
Francine and I have been emailing back and forth and that makes me happy. I'm so grateful for all my friends who support me right now..I need this more then ever.



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