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10:39 p.m. - 2020-12-21
Planets and stars
Ugh, I slipped out of the writing habit for a bit. I don't know why I do this. Now my cat is on my lap in front of my laptop with her chin resting on my left hand trying to type!
Tonight was winter solstice along with the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction junction. I felt like crap all day with my period but decided last minute to leave work an hour early and go for my annual-not so annual solstice flight. I wanted to see if I could get a better look at the planets flying over the ocean. Well, I didn't.. everything was moving around too much and it was not as bright as I thought it be. But I did get some really cool distorted photos of the Christmas lights below.
I was so happy when I got a surprise message from J this weekend. She never text me and it felt so good to hear from her. She wanted to know what I was doing for solstice and show me all the new work she's done to her apartment. She even inspired me to work on my vintage trailer which i have been putting off.
I'm so glad to have her and Jen in my life to talk and compare notes on all our metaphysical experiences. Francine is also valuable to me but I don't totally trust her yet.

I love the song "Night Ships" by Swartz et! I keep playing it over and over, alsong with a few others.

So yesterday I kept hearing the name "Nyla" along with "Anubis" over and over again. We all know Anubis to be the dog headed lord of the Egyption underworld, and this is the absolute darkest day of the year. I just don't know what or who Nyla is though.

J said she ordered a book on the akashics and I'm excited for her. I shared a link to an online course I took on that which she said she'd listen to. So I started to redo the course last night. This time I got a different spirit guide animal, along with a gift. It's so much easier following the meditation guides instead of just saying the prayer and hoping right in. While I was in and out of sleep last night I heard this loud "welcome" in this sort of computer like voice which sort of made me think well I did it..I got in via the path following my new spirit animal. So now I'm going to do these meditations every night and make this a goal for the new year.

The tree cutters are going to come first thing in the morning so I'm dreading all the noise and chaos. Francine wanted to meet me for lunch today but we were both on opposite ends of the county. She didn't want me to wait for her because she didn't have the Christmas gift she got for me with her. So we'll see if she turns out or flakes tomorrow.

Work is super slow right now on the all week Saturday schedule. Guess while I was down at the slow yard they pulled a body out of the river bed on the other side of the fence from our Paso yard! I hope my feral kitties are ok!! Tux was waiting for me by the fence this morning. So I went to feed her and one of the drive instructors Carol came to help because she loves cats. Tux let me get about 4 feet from her today! But she was a little scared with Carol there and we just stood and watched her slowly struggle to get to her food dish with us watching. I told her I was proud of her being so brave! Animals and people love you when you help them to feel confident about themselves.

Anyway, I don't feel too good.. my ears were popping on my evening flight and I just feel weak and dizzy. I'm going to do a lot more stuff for myself this year. I feel confident in the new and old friendships I've formed and I'm very loyal to my friends.

I better retire for the evening now..



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