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10:53 p.m. - 2020-10-14
coffee hugs
Thought I was gonna get off easy this period until I woke up this morning. Day 3 and I was dead tired all day, until I crawl into bed of course..
Had to go into work early to pick someone up downtown SLO. It was nice visiting with everyone at our other yard though. Francine came in while I was taking Starbucks orders. She said "I thought you wanted a hug" and flung her arms around me, so I pulled her in close and held her for a long time.
Then all the supervisors who were in a meeting came in and pulled me aside to talk about the San Miguel run that I mentioned the times were off. They came up with a new plan and were thanking me for bringing it to their attention for some reason. F squeezed by me in the middle of all that and tapped me on the ass, so I patted her back. And we are right back where we left off!
This time I'm going to enjoy it for all it's worth, and not take it so darn personally. My friends are telling me to just grab her and kiss her...hmm we'll see where this goes if anywhere.
Everything hurts me tonight even after taking 800mg of ibuprofen. Hope I can sleep. This month is halfway over and I still have to buy birthday gifts for Jo and Sal!
Oh, I did manage to have a good dream last night.. it was about Jesika. It's been well over 20 years now since we were together..I still dream about her like it was yesterday.



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