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11:30 p.m. - 2020-10-19
Cat toys and real women
Again, I woke up too tired this morning. I don't understand how I can be so tired and wiped out in the mornings and only start feeling wide awake when it's time for bed. I'm so sick of this!
So I get to work this morning and found a little gift in my mailbox.. <3 It was a small bag full of Godiva chocolate hearts and a kitty toy. Oddly enough it was the exact kitty toy Jojo stepped on and smashed the other night, that I was supposed to buy a new one today for Little Ms. It's one of her favorite toys and when I rattle it she'll come running from wherever she's it's an important toy.
I was wondering who could of left me the first I thought it was Scott because he always use to leave my little Ghirardelli chocolates in my bus only with little notes; "Happy Monday'" or "hope your day is wonderful". But no note, and wrong chocolates, plus he always made it a point to ask if I got them. Then I thought wait, I just told Francine about my new kitten, and she usually works in North county on the weekends. She will sometimes do sneaky things like that to let me know she thinks of me, and never leaves a note. So I sent her a picture of Missy playing with her new toy tonight, but haven't heard back..which is typical as she likes to be all mysterious. She saved me a trip to the pet store too.
Work was a pain in the ass tonight with dispatch having their heads up their ass! But I'm choosing to not let things get to me so much anymore..I'm just going with the flow of things, I mean this is nothing compared to working at the post office! I'm treated with respect here at least!
I tried to do a barefoot run on the beach yesterday but could only run half of what I use to. My weird foot pain came back in the same spot. Next time I'll just wear my beach socks to see if that makes a difference. I'm not sure if I should see a podiatrist or not. I don't want to hear them lecture me about barefoot and/or minimalist running.
Got a little triggered tonight on FB. This gay flying organization I let go of my membership from posted something about the 99's women's pilot organization asking for proof of sex before joining. The lesbian said she really wanted to join such a well known historical organization but not if it excludes her "sisters". So I wrote "then don't join, not every organization esp historical ones has to be totally inclusive to everyone". That pissed them off
one woman said I came across as being too "harsh", and that organizations for repressed people should welecome other groups of repressed people. Since when the fuck have men been so repressed??? In fact I remember in my early years of flying, one male pilot came up to me saying I can get any job since I'm a woman, and that he should get a sex change to get a better job! Well, guess it's happening! I haven't written a reply as I'd rather sleep on it before I say something not well thought out.
I've had it with any sort of "rainbow" or letter movement. I'm tired of these "woke" people forcing their beliefs on me and saying I should think and be a certain way. And I'm really tired of having gender dysphoria, and sexual kinks in the "rainbow" community viewed as being acceptable, and normal.
It's getting harder and harder to find lesbian or real woman (I'm not going to even used the made up word cis) without some dude in a dress showing up looking for validation of his fetish. I'm just so over this!



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