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10:23 p.m. - 2020-06-30
car wreck
Rainbow came out for my 3 day birthday weekend. Got my period as happens almost every birthday. We did a lot of shopping, estate sales, and stuff for Jojo of course. So on my actual birthday Sunday we did some plant shopping then had lunch. We were both tired and so headed back to my place. I noticed this woman was following pretty close behind me on my long street drive so tried to maintain distance from her. Then I got closer to my house and as usual I start slowing far in advance with my signal on because people tend to race up and down this street, even though it's residential and there are dear everywhere! As I turn into my driveway we hear this loud crunch sound and feel the car shift...Rainbow points at the car that was behind me and it's driving I pull out to go after her and she pulls over a few houses up. There are parts all over the road and she gets out of her car and starts walking up to me. I was all "What the hell did you do, why did you do that??" and she goes "Oh I'm tired, just got off work and wasn't really paying attention".. I was stunned..she wasn't even sorry or showing any emotion as if she was loaded on Xanax! Sal and the kids came running out of the house and called the police. They showed up to file a report and then she drove off. I had to get a rental car and my insurance said they don't cover that on my policy and the other woman's should once they declare her at fault or something.
Anyway, I have to pay for this up front while my car is in the shop and I await the verdict from insurance. It was my fucking birthday!
Then today at work I've been dealing with crazy drivers all day..two did not know how to merge getting on the freeway.. people keep getting on and matching my speed, not either slowing or speeding up ... then some stupid little girl pulls up on my right side getting off the freeway and turns left right in front of me before I could!
I just can't take this anymore!!! People are driving like fucking idiots and I'm worried I'm going to either get hit again, or snap at them which I can't do while I'm working.
I just want to stay in bed for another week and not go anywhere or do anything.



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