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11:42 p.m. - 2020-06-02
I don't know what happened today..everything got interrupted. I was shooting for a good day..6am the kitten curled up on my chest and purred us both back to sleep. Then I woke up and the clock said 9 and I was still super tired and could barely drag myself out of bed. After I stood up i felt my legs were all wet and then when I looked down saw to my suprise my moon came 3 days early..
Sal had texted me wanting me to meet him at the airport to help move the plane..but I was too tired and Rocco said he'd give him a ride, so I arranged that instead. I let the chickens out while I sipped my lemon-charcoal water..they were out of food so thought I'd let them scratch around the yard a bit.
Tried to do my Chi gong but I kept getting interrupted, so was not a good session. So made myself some coffee with chai and watered the plants. The dang chickens followed me out front and I needed my daughter to help herd them back. She told me we were short one, which I thought was weird so I went back to find the other. What I found was a decapitated pile of feathers and guts! We think a hawk got it, but we didn't see or hear a thing!!!
Fast forward, I'm driving to work and seeing all these cops and chp officers everywhere. The road up the street from the bus yard is baraceded by them, and a helicopter is circling overhead. When I walk into our office two of my supervisors told me to avoid downtown because of the protest and to be extra careful today. Of course work assigned me the fucking Cutaway (I like to cal U-haul truck) to drive for the 4th day in a row. I'm supposed to be trading off with the other driver that and the smaller van so I've been pretty pissed.
Anyway...all I'm reading about is this blm everywhere so I decided to post about Keith's murder by our local law enforcement in the year of 4. In fact there were a string of deaths by too much force used by our local law but nobody out protesting for that because they were white. My point is that this has become a race issue when it should be about law enforcement owning their shit. Now that it's a race issue people will continue their looting and violence all under the banner of BLM which is not going to help with any sort of discrimination issues at all. In fact, I'm totally scared now!
Some people are arguing that not all cops are bad, just a few and to not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Well not all Catholic priest are pedofiles either, but at least that church is trying to make amends and apologize for what has been happening instead of denying it. It may have taken them hundreds, and hundreds of years to do that after destroying thousands of lives, but at least they say they are sorry. (I love sarcasm).
So with all that running in my head I get a text from a coworker saying there is a grassfire happening in my neighborhood. I called Sal and the kids and everyone was fine.
Drove through downtown and there was only about 100 protestors cutting off traffic. Luckily they were blocked from the freeway entrances.
J left a small comment/question on one of my lame fb post. That made me happy as I felt like she was super blowing me off for some unknown reason.
Cancled my clearing session with my was just a better idea not to try and force anything with all these emotions running hot tonight. So I went home and took a long, long bath. Oh it felt so good!! I had some of my favorite bath salts too from the Brass Unicorn. Wish I had more so I can take a bath everyday after work!



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