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9:59 p.m. - 2020-06-01
teenage riot
Well I ended up adopting a new kitten..rescuing actually. Rainbow grabbed him off the sidewalk on her street where there are dozens of ferrel cats and kittens. He or she is a smart little one..looks you directly in the eyes and didn't take long to learn the litter box.
I've been a bit pensive over all this rioting bullshit. It's totally driven by the media this victimization and guilt over "racism".
The police in this country act like they are in the 3rd world and they have total power over everyone. They kill and injure non blacks as well they don't discriminate! They killed my former bosses blue eyed blond hair son while he screamed for help and that he couldn't breathe.. but why would anyone get upset about that? I've seen their handy work beating up my white friends, sending them to the hospital over throwing parties. They are a group of thugs and operate under the laws they create themselves, then cover for each other. But the media is only interested (esp. the liberal media) when it happens to blacks.
God forbid I say anything about this on FB or to any of these protestors as I'll get yelled at for being an insensitive bigot myself! That's fine, because at the end of the day they'll all go home and beat their girlfriends and wives! I'd love to see the day that anyone would actually start a riot for all the women that get murdered everyday by men! Or how in many countries cruelty and death to women is protected. I'm just so sick of these double standards.



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