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10:13 p.m. - 2020-04-28
diving dove
Don't know what to make of this day. Allergies and coughing kept me up late last night, so I was too tired to fly and get things done early in the morning. In fact I slept in until 9am!! I've been in a pissy mood today about that, and they keep sticking me in the shuttle bus to pick up single ambulatory people. Dispatch was a snob about it too, so I sent an email to the head of dispatch who said she'd look into seeing if I can get a waiver for it, but the people above in operations wanted that for whatever illogical reason.
Anyway, last night prayed for more medicine signs. The first possible ones I saw were my small solar lights were all lit up at about 1am. They have only ever stayed lit a few hours after sunset, maybe 8 or 9pm at the latest.
I was so carefree today at work that I invited Bev to ride along with me. She kept me company and helped me back out of the usual tight spaces I had to put the stupid bus in. After my last drop off we went for a walk around the city center, then stopped for frozen yogurt. It hit the spot in the 80 degree weather and so glad that business stayed open.
Oh while we were driving I saw a dove swoop down ahead of the bus, then make a 180 and swoop down again in front of my windshield. The last time I saw this, it was a white dove and it did it several times over the course of a week. By the end of the week I was totally happy as I reconnected with several of my old friends. So I'm again hoping it is a sign something good will follow.



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