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11:11 p.m. - 2020-05-09
Really?? 11:11..ugh! All week I've been seeing mostly 2's everywhere, esp. the time. I don't know if the universe is trying to tell me something or just distract me!
I've noticed that my close but far friend has been reflecting me this past week..Not sure if she is doing it subconsciously, or on purpose. I mean, with social network post, messages etc.
I've been reading a lot this week, finished another book and started another. Then signed up for an energy clearing online course that I hope I can stick with. I sign up for all these courses, start off really into them, then start getting behind because of whatever circumstances that occur. I really feel like this time I can keep on task though, esp since we are paired up with accountability partners right off the get go.
I should have bought more sleep remedy when I stopped in the drug store today. But don't want my daughter to see I have a weakness..insomnia. She already helped herself to my Zzquil a couple times now because she couldn't sleep. She's too young for my bad habits!
I can't wait for the massage places to open up again. I really need to be touched again. What's the point of having a body if you can't touch anyone?? I do enough floating around in my head everyday!
I just thought of what my coworker told me about his poor daughter in-law who works at Target. She's deaf and reads lips but can't now because everyone is wearing mask. I really should get in touch with Grey.. she's a deaf lip reader in NC, can't teach at her school for now. We were really super close for awhile and then drifted apart. I think she jumps around from person-to person, one of those that I need to learn to sniff out so I can avoid the usual pain of being deserted.
Anyway..running out of words now but doubt I can sleep. I wonder if I find some funny podcast to play while I sleep if I'll wake up laughing???



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