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7:16 a.m. - 2018-01-02
New Year
Finally got another run in yesterday. Got my new gift Fitbit to work but still haven't decided how I feel about being connected to something electronic monitoring me all the time.
But it was interesting to see my average heart rate and this morning my sleep I'll give it a try for a bit.
During my run I came across the stale smell of cigarette smoke and leather, then remembered my grandparents house. I saw a spot of blood in my mind, and then the word dog and remembered when I got bit by that stupid dog I found on their property and how freaked out everyone ones trying to catch it to determine if it had rabies or not. I felt so guilty for that.
New Years was uneventful. Had my council in Santa Barbara, then just went home and watched Black Mirror and Twilightzone.
The day before I got this urge to go shop at Cost Plus to look for new things to replace old things for a fresh start. I found the headboard for my bed that I have been eyeing for a long, long time. There was only one left in the color I wanted and it was 60% off so I bought it!
I figure what's $100 on a headboard when I did not spend a dime on my $5k bed because the company forgot to charge me after they delivered it a year ago! Blessings!
Anyway, I wish I could snap out of this nervous mood I'm in about this week. Worried about the weekend actually and whether it's worth the finagling to travel this weekend across the state for an appointment I have with a shaman. I can't fucking take only having one day off and never being able to get a Monday off because it's too hard of a day for a sub to cover me! It's bullshit! This year I must get a new better job. I can't survive like this much longer!



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