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7:17 a.m. - 2017-12-19
no life
Need to get out of this job. I need to find something better before it kills me! The only thing good about it is the scenery, the animals and the majority of the nice people I deliver to. I did receive $50 in tips yesterday, so trying to focus on that. But it's hard when I have a boss breathing down my back, snapping at me for any mistake I make and writing me up for the ones that aren't my fault (equipment malfunctions).
My stomach is in knots and I feel so depleted like I can just pass out sometimes.
I have not had more then two days off no in nearly a year and just can't imagine going on and on like this!
And of course now during the busiest time of the year at work I have to do my fucking CFI online renewal on my "down time" after work..(that is if I'm not shopping for food or making dinner for everyone).
I just feel like running away. This is not living.



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