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7:25 a.m. - 2017-12-20
not alive
My credit union turned down my debt consolidation loan application, even with with my folk's cosigning (their home is paid off and they make more then double what I make with two jobs, living off their pensions). They said my debt/income is too high. It was only for $13k!
Now it's going to take me longer to pay off this one credit card with an apr of 22%.
All credit cards are scams!
I deactivated my FB account. Doubt anyone will notice.
Kids will be gone in a few days.
Work supervisor wrote me up for two seperate things, one was a missed scan that my scanner would not pick up that I photographed and sent to her. She missed over 20 scans in one day because she forgot, yet I get written up for one that was not my fault and she gets away with over fucking 20 in a day with no repercussion!
All my money goes to bills and taxes right now. I feel like a slave. Not sure I'll make it through X-mas this time. I can't go on and on like this. I've applied with two other freight companies that I can make more $ with. Waiting game...
This is not how I wanted to live my life. This is not living.



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