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11:18 p.m. - 2017-12-08
Can't sleep..maybe I should have taken two Benadryl instead of just one..but worried I'll wake up all thirsty.
It's been a shity week. Had a meeting with my financial advisor who I do admire and feel she has my best interest. But I'm barely breaking even at the end of each month because of all my debt. The IRS just really topped everything off and what pisses me off to no end is I owe a government I didn't even want, who is totally stupid and corrupt $5K! That's a lot of money for me who barely gets by. I mean it's not even money well spent, that's a fucking vacation I'm not getting!
Then some chick I deliver mail to decides to try and smear me on some FB group because she thinks I peeled out and threw rocks at her car on purpose for blocking me! So I asked to join her neighborhood FB group and got in, and replied to her comment I have no idea what your talking about, sorry you took whatever I did personally but I'm just trying to do my job as quickly as possible. And still she goes off. So I'm going to try not to take it personally. Either it's a miscommunication or she is too touchy and needs attention from her neighborhood group. I think one of the members in that group may be one of my old students, but I have to check.
Either way it's just another thing to add to the list of annoyances for me!
I went for a run on the beach tonight. So far that has been the only thing that is holding me together, my beach runs. I'm not sure I could ever live far from the beach again. I want to live closer to the beach if I can.
I need to get out of this job and move on. I can't stand it anymore. I've enjoyed the scenery and the animals, but it's not paying off for me and it's time to move on.
I have an appointment with a shamon next month to do a soul retrieval. I know exactly where I lost some of myself and it has left me stuck for so long. I'll so anything to get my fragments back to move on and out of this space I'm in!



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