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7:01 a.m. - 2017-11-16
Juxtaposing history
So last night I was having a nice chat with a very old friend (old in the sense I've known her over 30 years).
I was talking to her about a recent show I heard on NPR that dealt with using art to change our perception of history. One woman knitted a pink cozy over the gun of an statue of an angry soldier. Another man was focusing on blacks how they were represented in artwork. The point was to not change or remove the old artwork, but to in a way juxtapose another viewpoint alongside the old view of things.
My friend seemed to take on a bit of offense and said "we should not forget our history or it will be repeated" (I know a bit trite)...
So I got to thinking about that on more of a micro scale. I pictured filling my home with pictures of all the people who broke my heart, statues of me holding up my hand to try and stop from being beaten, a framed unemployment check.. Stuff from my past that I don't want repeated.
Any good psychologist or healer would tell anyone to face the past, heal the past and then move on not letting it define who you are now. If everyone did surround their homes with bad memories to teach themselves a lesson of not repeating their many people would stay in their old paradigms vs. move on? How would it feel to be bombarded by horrible memories??
Just something I'm contemplating today...



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