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9:28 a.m. - 2017-10-15
Sunday funday.. So many things have happened this week, but I'll start with last Sunday when I took Jojo and a lez whale watching trip in the Bay. Met the coolest woman and really felt connection with her. But she has a gf in Canada. After our day of fun we parted choosing not to say goodbye, but instead 'see you soon".
Then later during the week a kayak trip popped up and I asked her if she would like to go, but she said she had a conference and couldn't. But then a few days later she texted saying she could and wanted to know if i still wanted to go. Well of course!
So now it's Sunday again and the event isn't until this evening, and of course my mind is triggered with into remembering how people have flaked on me in the past, while worry is trying to sneak in. I'm struggling to let it all go, what will be will be.
Then there is the tax story that I don't want to even think of because it's my day off and I hate thinking about money on my day off... so maybe I'll write about it tomorrow...



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