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11:25 p.m. - 2016-07-08
Really having trouble with this entire feeling awake thing. Need to find a thyroid specialist. I've been drinking water all day, and still I have a bad headache!
Brad at work is starting to make me nervous. Maybe he's just a flirt, I love to flirt, but not so much with straight men.
He couldn't wait 15 minutes for me to get back, then the postmaster said she had too many things to do after work to bring the mail to the next station. So I got stuck with it.
But I had to run to the beach and meet my psychic for an update, so the mail had to wait.
My son wanted to come with so I took him out to Thai food after the beach.
This weekend is "pride weekend" in the Mission plaza and he wants to come with. He says one of his best friends is a tranny. So strange how normal all this is now days. I guess it's good, it's just so far out.
I really need sleep, it's just so hard for me to fall into.
I'm craving something familiar to me, I mean comforting. I've been feeling my grandmother a lot lately. When I feel down I sometimes walk through her house in my mind. trying to see everything in detail, along with the smells, and the sound of the oven vent going in the kitchen. That means something good is cooking up.
Then today while I was sorting the mail, the Merv Griffin theme song popped into my head and I started humming it. I stopped and said "what the hell am I doing?!" It was a show she use to have on I remember sometimes when I came home from school when we lived with her.
Or was it Carol Burnett?? Ha!
I should fall asleep. I didn't take any sleep remedy tonight though and I have a lot on my mind.
Fingers crossed, even though they are kitten bitten.



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