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9:16 p.m. - 2016-07-06
Done pleasing
I'm tired with a short fuse tonight. The kids are really pissing me off. I work my ass off all day, play taxi driver for them, cook and clean and they act like monkeys!
I lost 10 lbs because I've been ill, working in extreme heat, and of course the huge fight I had with J. I'm done with her shit. I'm not going to be her comfort factor whenever she needs it, then when she gets what she wants goes home to her new girl. I'm done with it all!!!
I'm free, I don't have to worry about anyone. I can play and flirt all I want with no guilt. I don't need anyone to complete me. Done with rules, and walking around eggshells. I'm just going to be myself, and do things that please me. If I do things to please friends, it's because it pleases me, not because I feel like I owe it to them.
Oh, I tried to rescue a tiny black kitten today with the young girls from the small market next to the post office. It freaked out and bit the fuck out of my fingers! But they don't look infected so no big deal...



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