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9:23 p.m. - 2016-06-21
smashing mailboxes
It's been too hot here for me to be in much of a mood for anything.
Been flying the temps in the morning then working the postal run after that.
Rhonda has been motivating me to get super healthy again..not that I'm far off from that. But since she is working with Steph now on this whole body detox/diet thing thats all we talk about.
I'm pushing myself to drink a lot of water but still get dehydrated in this intense heat. I'm just not built for it, never have been.
Came home from work, put the AC on and took a nap on the couch. When I woke up I felt sick. I remember feeling sick last summer too and now I need to order more of those immune herbs.
Miss the kids. Face timed them again today, but he was in the room so we really couldn't talk. Jojo looked like she was about to cry saying she missed me so much. Rocco just smiled and kept quiet. They really don't belong with that side of the family. An Alaskan cruise is really not the best choice for kids. I could show them the fun side of Alaska with my friends up there.
OMG, so yesterday at work this woman called to complain again that I keep leaving her mailbox open. For the second time I told the post master that she has a cheap plastic box that is rotting in the hot sun, and it won't stay closed. So my post master told me to write it up. I put the notice of "fix your door" in her box yesterday. Today I get there and the door was ripped off, there were ding marks like she tried to attack it, and her address was ripped off the post and thrown in the dirt!
So I'm putting a 10 day hold on her mail until she calms down...

I've been really thinking about dating again. I'm just so bored lately. I really hope that Santa Barbara lesbians plans a cool weekend meet-up soon. They have some nice looking women down there, and it's the perfect distance away..not too close, but not that far. I just want to play the field awhile, nothing serious because I'm all tapped out from J. I don't want to join any dating sites just yet either. I'd rather just meet people, strike up conversations and see where they lead.



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