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9:30 p.m. - 2016-06-22
You no leave good tip
Another long hot work day. Had to deliver those stupid adds so it took forever. Then I had another melt down on the same street I always do, and jut kept crying on and off the rest of the afternoon. Miss my kids, miss J, miss just feeling close to anybody.
So after I dropped the mail off in town, I decided to get an hour Chinese foot rub at my usual place. Weird as there is always new faces there. He did a good job, but since he didn't speak much English he had this other Chinese woman come to the register when it was time to pay. She said "how much", I said I don't know how much for an hour.. then she said "$30, how much you tip him?". I told her $5. She looked at me like I was crazy and goes "Oh come on, how about $10". I gave in but that really pissed me off!
The rest of the evening I spent with my shrink, then running errands. I hate getting home so late and not having time for anything but to get to bed. I skipped dinner too, so I'm just heating up a little chicken bone broth, and some french fries, just enough to get rid of this headache and not wake up
Feeling really isolated lately, and turning my head away from that hopeless feeling. Have to stay strong and keep moving forward.



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