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9:36 p.m. - 2016-06-19
Looney Moon
Got to Face Time with the kids early this morning. Jojo really missed me and said she wishes she could be with me forever. So sad...
I kept having nightmares men were trying to break into a house where I was and kill me. All my dreams were of me hiding from someone trying to hurt me. Then I dreamed Sal hid the kids and said I'll never be able to see them again.
Must be full moon period dreams..
Bad cramps and I lay in bed until 11am this morning. Moved slowly around the house, to bloated to work on my art projects and not much in the mood for anything.
For some reason I convinced myself it be a good idea to go for a run with Rhonda at Montana de Oro. We ended up doing this run/walk method of hers she downloaded to her phone. I actually kept up, really surprised myself. I feel good that I was able to get some exercise in for how shity I felt. I'm going to start running again when I can. The more blood to the brain the better!
Ann started emailing me again after I told her I do not want to be friends with her because of her on going criticism of me. Not that I don't like being challenged, it just gets to a point when you realize someone really is not on your team.
The dear older woman from Golden Pond wrote me a sad letter explaining that she just lost her elder care job and is in a crises. She's starting up her massage practice (sent me some flyers) to help support herself until she finds something else. So I'll book a massage with her soon.
It's a full moon and I should go out and sit under it. Recharge my crystals and things..pray for strength and endurance.
Sometimes I question whether my impulsive actions were the right thing...
Shoot, I need to book that trip to Iceland for next summer!



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