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10:43 p.m. - 2016-06-17
cat bed
Worked really fast yesterday to finish early and meet MTG in Avila for our concert evening.
After I took the weather, I flew about 10 miles west to take photos of the huge oak deforestation that Justin vinyards, or the Resneck family did without permits, or telling anyone. I posted the picture and article on FB, made it "public" and now it's been shared hundreds of times and all these people are trying to friend's freaking me out!
It was just Deanna and I alone at work yesterday also, so when I got to that job it was more relaxed. Still I couldn't finish in time to drive home and swap cars, and had to drive the dusty old Jeep down to meet her.
We drove down to pick up her friend Robin in Nipomo and then headed down to watch her other friend from Key West play in Los Olivos.
Robin and I finally got to meet and we both really hit it off. We hung out the entire time, talking and joking around. We did a little shopping, then sat and drank over priced wine and listen to music. MTG's other friend Ryan and his new-to-me boyfriend showed up. I really need to spend an afternoon with him. He's very money and business smart, plus just fun to hang around. I enjoy picking his brain. Latter he took all of us out to eat at a brewery in Solvang. It was a really fun evening. I haven't gone out with a group to eat & drink with music for so long.
Today my new bed came and Rita from over the hill came to let the guys in while I was at work. She really liked all my artwork I created around the house.
When I came home of course the cats were crashed out on the new bed, oh and they still are. They will not leave! They are so grateful for their new bed.
Oh, my postmaster was there without Deanna when I arrived this morning. First thing she said to me was "I'm not well and I've just left a message with Deanna to come in". Well, she couldn't today and the postmaster had to scramble to find someone to cover her again but could not. Her son was there trying to arrange for help or something for her. She was very disheveled, and kept running to the bathroom to puke. She said it was because of her depression.
I rushed quickly sorting the mail so I could get out of there.
Finished early, then went to run errands as usual. Spent the rest of this evening with my paper-cut art project and just noticed I got some nice paper-cuts on my hands.. ouch!



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