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10:30 p.m. - 2016-05-29
Went to my first Bernie rally tonight here in Fresno. We got there at 4 and he didn't speak until 8pm! My daughter was a good sport about it. Feel bad because my sister could not come..her boy was throwing up, and having tantrums as usual. So I went with her girlfriend and Jojo, and Steff & T got in a fight. We really wanted to go, we all did. I feel bad we left her but really she should have found a sitter much sooner.
Her ex's son is so miserable having emotional issues and who knows what else. I feel really bad for my sister, why she got dealt that deck of cards is beyond me.
It was a real ethnically diverse crowd tonight. Many young people there too. But, it was so peaceful and everyone really got along. Everyone was so polite to one another, something that probably would not happen if the same crowd was gathered at say a shopping mall, or waiting in line at an amusement park. Funny how the venue brings out respectful behavior in everyone who may not necessarily get along in other situations.
Yesterday I had vertigo and nausea all day. Today I was super sleepy, nodding off everywhere. My spiritual heeler said to hang in there, that the shift will happen soon. So whatever happens I hope I start feeling better soon.
Feeling a tiny bit lonely tonight. Guess it will pass, it will just have to.



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