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8:04 a.m. - 2016-05-28
I keep seeing and hearing peacocks everyday. I'd love to have some on my property, but I don't feel like going through another tragic death. Although they may be a bit more crafty then the turkeys and guinea hens that got snagged by the coyotees.
Woke up with my head spinning. I believe it's my sinuses, so I tried to flush them out. Do not need a weekend of vertigo!
Still can't decide if I'm going to fly or drive to Fresno after work. Both my plane and car can use a long trip to burn out engine gunk. My daughter wants to fly, and I'd rather that myself.
Feel a little bit of peace so far today so that's good. There is always that longing, but a peace that feels things will all work out if I just let go and trust. Sometimes when you hold fast to what you long for you create resistance to it. That is because you fear loosing what you want more then wanting it. Funny how that works!
My daughter just told me very matter of factly, "bears are omnivores."
Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision having my kids so late in my life. I mean most of all my friends have adult children now, and a lot more freedom. I had my freedom when I was much younger, but I didn't have the money to take full advantage of that freedom.
Now I have the money, but not so much the time.
Which reminds me...better get dressed for work and out the door again!



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