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10:19 p.m. - 2016-05-26
Judge this
Today was a humiliating nightmare.
Rushed off to work after getting the kids going. Then cased the mail my fastest ever. Rita came to cover my driving and train with the postmaster. I have to pay her to work for me.
Anyway, I carpooled with Sal to the courthouse and I warned him to tell his attorney that if she fucks with me in anyway that I will as for a discontinuance and hire my own attorney that he will have to pay for.
So there was only one other person in the court room, and we were first up. The judge and his attorney both greeted each other "long time no see". Then after we were sworn in they started talking about how we could not work out anything in mediation, and that my plans of moving to PA are off. So she let me briefly explain how I wanted full physical custody as he is not home from 3:30pm to 11am the next day. Then she let Sal's atty lie and say I work all day while he is home with the kids. I tried to interrupt and say no, but the judge snapped at me.
In the end she said we are both to have joint legal and physical custody as long as we are under the same roof. When we move apart, we are to go to mediation and if we can't work it out there then back to court again.
Now I just spoke to my old friend Jen who said that he will be violating this order as he his not home at all with the kids during the week and I take care of them 90% of the time. Hmmm.
Then the Alaska trip was brought up. I said I'm happy to let the kids go if I'm granted the same privilege. We all agreed that was fair, but then she told me that I would have to go directly to the public notary and have it signed right after I leave. I told her I have to go to work and she said I can do it on the way, and then made a smart ass remark.
So for now, he got his way..but I'm not done!



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