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10:48 p.m. - 2016-05-20
Poppies in mailboxes
So today my postmaster decided to come to work and actually take a look at all our complaints. Then a woman called into complain that I did not pick up her outgoing mail the other day. So my postmaster asked if it was flagged (put the flag up) and she said "of course not, if I did that then everybody would know there was something in my box.." Ugh! Duh!
Just got done watching Girl King with my daughter. It was good, but did not have the ending I would have preferred.
Every inch of my body hurts. I think I'm going to start my moon tomorrow.
Oh, 9669 wrote me another sweet letter today. I'm going to write her back. I hope she invites me in for tea sometime. It's actually the highlight of my day. All the stupid mindless complaints, and then one older woman alone who appreciates the little things makes my day. Makes my week. She loved the tiny picture of poppies I painted for her. Now I feel inspired. When somebody inspires you, there is nothing greater then that. Inspiration can move mountains!!!



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