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9:34 p.m. - 2016-05-19
How to avoid the sleep train
Another long day.. I get up all excited to go do my morning flight because of the fire. I figure it be a nice sunrise. But as soon as I get to the airport the fog rolls in! Grrrr!
So I had to drive all the way back, but snuck in a nap before having to get the kids up and off to school, then go to my second job.
There was a ton of junk mail that had to get out today. D was not helping me like our boss told her to. So it took me forever to do all that sorting while she put on her make up and talked on the phone.
I had Sal drop Jo off at my car since I wasn't far from her school. She helped me deliver the mail and a few packages.
Someone got all mad because there was a piece of mail in their box that wasn't theirs and they wrote all over it. I kept reminding myself "don't take it personally". Don't they stop to think maybe they shouldn't piss the mailwoman off? I mean that's like sending the food back at a restaurant. I mean really, who cares if you get a piece of mail that's not yours. Just put it back in the box and we'll redeliver it. If it's addressed right with the wrong name, then write on it "return to sender". Simple as that!
My body is hurting so bad, I'm gonna need that massage this week. Oh, and definitely next week after the custody hearing.
I was thinking about asking Rhonda to come with me if she's in town.
OK gross I just had to scoop up a cat gift gopher from the living room floor, then mop up the trail of blood left behind on the kitchen linoleum.
Anyway, I just don't want to go alone to that. I mean he has his atty with him to do all his dirty work, and I have have are my wits.
He asked to borrow the tax forms and I'm wondering why. The psychic did mention embezzlement, and him have a few sneaky things.. I found his notebook tonight, only made a few copies, stuff about money I don't know about.
Oh man I totally forgot to drop off the mail tonight! I was suppose to deliver it to the big post office, but I didn't want to miss my son's drum recital. I went there first since it was so late, then forgot to drop it off! Oh well, I guess I'll do it tomorrow.
Yesterday I emptied an abandoned box and pulled out a small parcel. It was untracked from China so I hid it. I opened it with my kids and it turned out to be a box of false eyelashes! My son says he's going to give them to his friends that are into that "cosplay".
Don't know if it's a full moon or what, but I'm just on edge and feeling depressed again. I should be going to bed, but all that means is that my alarm will wake me up again soon, and it's the same old bullshit again. Man I'm in a shitty mood! Maybe I should take two shots of Zquil tonight...



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