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11:27 p.m. - 2016-05-21
worried moon
Thought of Courtney, then my mom texted me about the obituary and I saw it was 11:11.
Felt something bad would happen, but not to me. Started to worry. Then started to deliver the mail and my engine light started blinking while my engine ran rough. I just had the oil changed and filled the tank with gas from Shell...the same Shell that I filled it a few years back when the engine blew!
So quickly made arrangements with Sal to swap cars and borrow my son as his truck is a standard..too challenging for me to ride the clutch and deliver mail alone in.
Turned out it was the spark plugs fowled and the coil. The intake was dirty and for some reason, even though it's fuel injected I kept thinking it was the intake as I'd always hear a noise when I let off the throttle. That's more of a carburetor thing though, lower idle greater pressure in the venturi.. whatever, I was right for the wrong reason and now we need to order a $50 part for the idle too.
I was looking again at Fiats. Actually I like those old Spiders, they look fun. And of course I looked at Jags on Ebay. I just think it be fun to have a luxury Sunday drive car..maybe just for a little while. Something I can get dressed up in, go for a nice cruise up the coast, do some wine tasting...that California dream. Then go back to my rocky, dusty torn up roads with nobody to talk to except the cows and ponies.
I wrote Ms. Bartlett a nice little letter that I put in a card. She said she hung my tiny poppy picture on her work desk.
Missed my massage today because of the car thing. I'm all sore. The moon is driving me crazy. I feel like running, and running as fast as I can, but I'm too tired and achy.
I'm worried about J, something is not right.
I keep having the same dreams about being back in the old house. The new owner is away and I'm going through everything as usual, making myself at home. Last night, KT was there in her old studio downstairs. She went back too to look for things she left behind like me. I think the new owner even came back this time, I just don't remember what happened.
I feel so worried...maybe it's just my moon coming. I don't know, just wish it go away.



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