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10:41 p.m. - 2016-05-18
I'm enjoying the smell of the huge fire west of here. I hope the sky is orange tomorrow. It will be an awesome sunrise!
Just so down on myself tonight because I've been running non stop since early this morning. Came back from deliveries and did more sorting until 5. Then had to take Rocco to his tutor in Avila by 6:30 so I missed a shower and went covered in sweat-n-dust. Popped a pain pill and took my daughter to Costco to kill time... $150. latter I now have a new hair dryer, new pillows, some fruit baskets, a few new sundresses, a insulated lunchbox for work, and tons of drinks.
Got home by 9:30 and had to make dinner because I forgot to eat again. Then finally grabbed a shower and tried to unwind a bit on my computer. I just don't have any downtime.
I was planning on doing a fun evening flight with a friend tomorrow but I think I have my son's drum recital, so may not be able to.
I hate self pity, but fuck I'm tired, and I want some time to myself and my hobbies. Even got my new book in the mail today and I haven't been able to crack it open!
Now I took my Zquil in order to put myself asleep, then wake up and do it all over again!
My boss came back for just one day. She's going through some heavy person stuff she hasn't shared with me..except the putting down her dog bit. So I quickly drew and painted her a card with "don't take anything personally" get well in it. It made her cry. So I did my good deed for the day and feel wonderful about that part.
I guess I'll go to bed now before my alarm goes off...



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