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9:39 p.m. - 2016-05-17
Pink peony
Finally the sky was clear enough for me to fly this morning. Although the fog tried to sneak in on me, covering half the runway.
The weirdest thing happened on my way home from the airport. I was waiting to make a right turn to get on the freeway, then from out of nowhere I see some woman wearing a skirt walk behind my Jeep and continue walking along the freeway at 6am.
Then, I drove onto one of my two lane country roads on my way back and I see another woman wearing bright clothes, a long skirt and a big floppy hat. She was carrying bags with her and walking on the opposite side of the road toward me. As I got closer she started walking toward my car and I slowed down a bit not sure what she was going to do. Then as I started to drive past her she stopped, gave me the stink eye and the finger! Lol!!! It was the most bizarre thing ever. But it didn't frazzle me, it just made me laugh and I guess feel sort of bad for her whoever she was.
Met with my atty today to get prepped for next weeks custody battle. It should be a no brainer, but the judge is Catholic and pro family (whatever that means) so we don't know if she'll be biased against me. His atty will try to attack me and my character. It's not going to be a nice weekend after that. So I'm having to prepare for battle now.
Went back to work after all that and rushed like crazy. This one lady (I think it was the same one who gave us the stink eye for delivering late) pulled up right behind me on my bumper as I was filling a row of mail boxes. I had not gotten to hers yet, but I think she thought I did. She checked her, then peeled out in the dirt road and sped off. I bet she'll call to complain. Man, some of these older adults behave just like 3 year olds and for what?
Had the country store make the kids a pizza until I could pick them up and drive them all home. Then grabbed a quick shower before I went to my shrink to discuss the week.
I finally figured it out, she was right all along about the Twin Flame thing. I miss her so much! But the silence is clearing my head a bit and making me stronger.
I bought myself the most beautiful pink peonies with yellow pistols. I want to fill my room with flowers!



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