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11:20 p.m. - 2015-04-08
top of the hill
I've been a mess all day, forgetting half the things I'm trying to do, driving past roads I've meant to turn on and misplacing things right and left.
Sal wrecked his car hydroplaning in the rain yesterday and we're just waiting for insurance to decide what they want to do.
I'm not sure if my forgetfulness is some sort of defense mechanism or what..
Sometimes images of things I don't want to imagine pop into my head, and I worry if they are really happening (usually concerning other people) or me just creating them under stress.
I went for a run in A-town this late afternoon. Felt like I had lead in my legs, and my allergies were so bad I sucked! But, as I was running up this hill there was this beautiful woman at the top..she was twirling a flower and smiling off in the distance. Then I approached her, we locked eyes and gave me the biggest smile ever!
I walked past her again in the dirt parking lot as she was leaving. She smiled again, and I was really hoping she'd ask me for a dinner recommendation or something!
So I'm back reading my feng shui books again, need to focus on something I could make positive, starting with the front door.
Sent the last bit of paperwork in for my state job, so as soon as they sign it I'll be able to work. Just in time too as my unemployment is about to run out...



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