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11:20 p.m. - 2013-10-21
calling you..
Going to be a long work week... flying everyday until next Tuesday.
Going to try and sneak over to Morro Bay tomorrow for a quick run on the beach after my flight.
So I decided to cast out this sort of intention/prayer to the universe as one of my clients says she does instead of praying to icons. I just want to make a connection with another woman that I can write intimately with, get to know and have a long lasting bond/relationship with. I miss that.
I thought on this for some odd reason on my long drive home and just sent out a "please". Then a few minutes latter I get a text from one of the pilots I really liked and that inspires me for whatever reason. She borrowed our plane to take her visiting folks for a flight yesterday. We chit-chatted a bit, but I know better then to get my hopes up. Still, even if it was a coincidence it was pretty cool how quickly that happened. I wasn't even thinking of her.
Got a lot of studying in tonight in the new "parlor" room. It feels good to have a special separate room to study and/or be creative in. The cats like it too, and of course continued with their efforts to distract me from my books.
Wonder how the rest of the week will shape up...



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