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9:50 p.m. - 2013-10-25
fly and talk
Guess I should read my last entry as I don't know where I was. All I've been doing is working and studying. I don't understand how I can wake up in the morning and feel like I went for a tumble down our front hill pasture. What the hell??? Why do I feel so beat up some mornings, plus I got the bruises to prove it!
Did another 1.8 of pattern work at PRB today. I'm very conflicted and upset about today... not sure the best way to handle it.
My older student, she flys great, takes notes, listens and studies, but she has a unique (best way to put it) radio voice.
It sounds nice, and works well when she's talking to ATC. But today for the first time in the pattern of an uncontrolled airport it was I guess a bit annoying. Best way to describe it is like when someone says "yadda yadda yadda, then yadda yadda yadda" if you can throw in the appropriate inflections.
So there we were in the left traffic pattern with her making all the calls (I'd chime in for clarification at times) and then some chick, I'm assuming another instructor (because I heard a guys voice in the beginning) makes a call on the radio totally imitating her. I'm not sure if my student picked it up or not.
That pissed me off a lot, so much that I'm dwelling on it now!
Years ago when I first learned to fly and had someone rude on the radio cut me off in the pattern.. a WW2 pilot told me "fly the plane and never argue with a fool". Since then I don't loose my temper, make fun of, or call out others mistakes on the radio while flying because for one it's unprofessional, and for two it's a matter of safety. The latter is the most important. Starting an argument in the air is the absolute wrong time!
What bothers me the most was this was another woman pilot making fun of another. We are 7% of the flying community, there is no room to make as ass of yourself!
Maybe this isn't my fight to pick, probably it's not. Funny thing is there was an Asian woman landing at the same time who was very hard to understand and this other woman did not choose to mock her radio calls.
It's funny what people do when their not where you can see them.
But at the same time this encourages me to press on, work harder, study harder to move out of the world of GA (except for my plane). I need to stop thinking about this!
So I finally spoke to my old friend from high school. Interestingly she told me she's now into women too. I'm concerned for her health as she has cancer and is being harassed by an old boyfriend. There is nothing I can do about it unless she wants to talk to me more about it. She'd like me to fly down and visit her, and I'm thinking more and more about it, flying to Burbank by myself as I'm never by myself in a plane. So think it be a good flight for me to do, especially if I file by myself. Wish I had an autopilot in our plane.. but hand flying is good for me.
It just be good to meet her in person after all these years. I wish so much for another connection with a woman, but I'm sentimental, and the world is not. So I keep at looking and looking and wishing..



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