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11:24 p.m. - 2013-08-28
leg cramps
Did not start the day off well.. Sal didn't tell me the car was that low on fuel, so couldn't turn around for home after dropping Rocco off at school. Had to head for town with the fuel light on. Some dude cuts me off pulling into the gas station, then as I backed to park behind a woman just finishing pumping her gas, she decides not to pull forward and exit the driveway in front of, she decides to back up nearly hitting me and trying to back me out of the way because she wanted a short cut!
I've had it with idiot, self-centered drivers!! Cal Poly is back in session and we have to deal with kids who just learned how to drive, driving expensive cars like fools!
Anyway, I need yoga! Need to calm down before one of them is attracted to my anger and hits me...
Did another two flights in the Cheetah today. Love that plane, but it has so many weird little things going on, nothing to worry much over. Crazy intermittent radio problems I cannot make any sense of.
Tomorrow is IPC with captain Dean. Right now I'm too tired to be nervous.
Really need to go grocery shopping. I've been so dehydrated and getting all kinds of cramps from it.
OK, can't think anymore...need to sleep .



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