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10:59 p.m. - 2013-08-29
IPC part 1
So the flight went fairly well today. Filed to KMRY, did the Crepe 3, PRB transition all the way to v25, then broke it off to do some maneuvers. I've not done rotation stalls before so I learned something new. Did some holds, a vor into Paso, then localizer back to SBP.
I think my scan is coming back and those exercises really helped.
(Damn coyotes are on the back side of the property tonight!)
I'm my own worst criticizer! I see me making mistakes that my students make, but at least now I understand what is going through their heads while their making them. Had to put myself in their spot again to learn that one.
The other thing I hate and I caught myself doing about 3 times today was apologizing! My female students are notorious for saying "I'm sorry" for every stupid little mistake. I wonder why? I never hear that from men. I need to stop that!! I mean when I'm teaching I'm not there to criticize or judge, I'm there to help and guide. But this just started coming out of my mouth and I'm wondering how to make it stop.
Another thing I noticed is that my voice goes up a few octaves when I'm not feeling very confident. My radio voice stays the same, but my regular speaking voice when I'm talking in the plane is different, much more so then when I'm working with my students.
I think Laurie Anderson spoke about this in one of her songs, where women tend to speak in a higher, mousier tone when they are asking for something.
I wonder if I concentrate on lowering my voice the way I normally talk will improve my performance or confidence???
Signed up for that yoga boot camp! Can't wait to get started Monday!! Looking forward to better posture, less back pain and greater concentration...
One more flight with a student tomorrow, the guy who wants to borrow our plane for a Utah trip. Told me he's nervous to get checked out in it with me and in front of Sal. That's funny!



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