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11:56 p.m. - 2013-08-27
making ends meet
Hope to forecast for money coming this way keeps up!
Found out by accident that our old home insurance was collected and paid by us for 6 months after we sold the house, now we get the money back. Wonder if they would have figured it out on their own and sent us a check without us catching their mistake??
Called the yoga lady back this morning, I think this is going to work out. Pretty good package deal and she tailors the classes to meet your needs. Don't know if I should be feeling guilty for spending money on me instead of fun classes for the kids..... nah!
Going to fly with Captain Dean Thursday, not sure if he's going to want me to do the entire trip to Monterrey, or break it off halfway. I know I'll be nervous, that's where this yoga should come in handy in the future.
Antony said he still wants the plane for a flight to Utah, so I'll work with him on that. Hoping his flight goes without a hitch and we can use the $ to buy a new windshield. Really hope nothing breaks... airplanes always break but ours hasn't been too bad.
Steff gave me some interesting insight into my home foundation dream. In the dream I was most upset because I felt duped by the people who sold me the house for lieing about the not solid foundation. I guess in real life I feel duped by people very often, not knowing who to trust. Need to think on this more...



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