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12:18 a.m. - 2013-08-25
beginings and endings
Interesting day and I didn't need to leave the house... although the Thai food helped!
R has been messaging me all day about getting an interview offer at Sal's work. I'm really irritated at myself for believing she'd want to be friends again, when of course all she really wants is information from me. I need to put an end to this. I'm trying so hard to focus on me, then yesterday I find out the whole time she's messaging me she's started up this new flying club with someone else, didn't even mention a thing to me. That's like something important you'd tell someone in the same business as you, unless you think think they are some sort of threat to you.
Drew a "chi-chi" stick today, made a wish I'd keep up my ambition, stay ahead of depression until I reach my goal. Got "77" said I'd leave my unlucky friends in the dust and get my wish very soon. Also warned about an envious friend. Interesting... but so far they've never lied.
Got a message from an old high school acquaintance about a mutual friend suffering from alcoholism. Use to have a huge crush on him in high school. Spoke to him a year ago when he called me and a number of friends making amends. He was heart broken after being dumped by his common law, said he's be drinking awhile, but get over it soon then on his feet again. We joked together saying we don't feel old and that he could just come by to pick me up, smoke some dope while listening to Black Sabbath in the figs! Miss the way he was and sure hope he gets better. But I've seen this so many times, many friends loosing it or dieing due to alcohol or mental illness, and in his case both. There's really nothing I can think of to do for help. Even if he wants help, sound like it's nothing he can do on his own.
Anyway, I'm curious why my old classmate contacted me for info. I'm glad she did. She was always someone I'd admired from a distance in high school. She reminded me so much of my dear departed Elizabeth.... I remember thinking of her as someone I'd really like to get to know, but never got the chance as we seemed to have similar, but different circles of friends. But mostly I remember her beautiful orange/brown eyes. She said she liked to take me out for lunch the next time she's in my town, and I hope she follows through. I know she likes to write and hope I get a second chance to know her now.
Need to not let little distractions stop me now.... Off to wash the plane in the morning, then Monday meeting with Captain Dean to start IPC. Think I made a really good choice to work with him. He's been flying longer then I've been alive, Twin CB's in New Orleans at that!! I could learn a lot from him! Can't let little distractions at the airport stop me now...



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