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10:24 p.m. - 2013-08-22
airport women
Not too bad of a day. Just getting frustrated with myself for being so slow to get started in the morning, then taking so long to wind down in the evening.
I might do my flight review stuff with Captain Dean instead. The company set him up, made things unbearably hard, then asked him to retire saying his age was too much a liability for them. I feel bad for him, but curious why some people never want to retire. I guess I'll find out 25 years from now, but I do hope work ends on a good note for me and not the way it did for him.
Flew with Tish this afternoon. I'm not sure if she ever flys by herself really. My main job with her (and many people I fly with) is to get them to relax, forget about the 2 inches of aluminum and panel separating them from a thousand feet of nothingness. So when I got to the plane the fuel truck had not arrived and the oil knob was stuck. We figured maybe to ask the fueler for pliers or something so I don't have to walk all the way back to the office for one. When the truck pulled up, a cute gal I never seen popped out and she got the oil knob to open. We all stood around getting to know one another, turns out she wants to go to helicopter school on her GI bill.
Anyway, the flight was nice and Tish began to relax as we made conversation about writing and yoga. There were more whales then I could count all off the coast, I can't believe they are migrating this early! I never get tired of seeing them.
Latter I flew the Cheetah with the daughter of a former client and as expected she did perfect. Horse girls always do good flying!
So after all that, it felt really good to spend the day at the airport surrounded by beautiful women! What a change for once!



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