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11:30 p.m. - 2013-08-14
Garden dazze
Did very little to be productive today. Maybe I'm just underestimating myself. Just didn't finish off the four remaining birds, my hands hurt and even though I want to relax knowing we're done with them for the year I just couldn't.
Rocco's best friend came over at 8am. You think having another 10 year old over to play would lighten things up for you with them entertaining one another. But no, video games and temper tantrums from my almost 5 year old trying to be center stage ruined everything!
I'm so sensitive to noise, it can really get under my skin. I can't even stand the sound of people eating, chewing their food. Sometimes I have to leave the table if I can't cover the sound up by putting on the radio.
Anyway, spent a good chunk of today sitting in the garden, planning for bigger and better next year. The corn is 3'-4' tall with some having silks. I'm really curious to see if we get any. All the pumpkin and squash have tons of flowers, but so far only a few fruits. Even the sunflowers seem short, so I'll have to talk to my horticulturist pal and figure this out.
Have one Sungold tomato plant that's about 7' tall with tons of fruit and flowers on it, but my San Marzanos are doing so-so.
Parents will be here tomorrow, they are in Pismo with the Cosentino's. Going to get up early and meet Sal & Jennifer for breakfast before heading to Lompoc with Allen for my flight physical. Hope my eyes will be ok. I can't read super tiny ingredients, or directions, the kind you find on aspirin bottles. I wear the lightest reading glasses to do my needlework or maybe pull a splinter, but I can read a chart flying fine without them. So we'll see....(pun intended!)



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