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10:39 p.m. - 2013-08-13
almost there
Woke up at 4:00am as usual and took another three hours to get back to sleep. It was actually nice to see the sun come up and hear all the roosters celebrating. If it happens again this morning, think I'll make some tea, write, and enjoy my quiet time.
Maybe write about the fictional girlfriend that keeps me stirring so much I can't sleep...
My "three sisters" garden (which I forgot to plant the last sister...the beans) has grown so tall. I've been hiding out in there during sunset. Zorro follows me in to scratch around for bugs. Can't believe I found a toad in there today. The garden in on top of a hill surrounded by barren dried weeds and clay. It's the only thing green for miles and somehow this toad found it's way in!
Jennifer is covering the first feeder flight this week. Was hoping to fly with her but the new oil cooler isn't here yet. Hopefully we can have breakfast before she goes back to Inyokern. Need to keep my motivation up, get to studying and start applying again.
We have 4 more meaty birds left and then we're all through for the year!!! Not sure if I want to continue with the cornish cross, but the kids might get some ready for fair next year.
My aunt got another year of work and wants to send money to invest in the Bress poultry. I'm just not a salesperson and have no clue how to market the high end birds. I just want to farm and deal directly with the animals. When I fly, that's all I want to do as well.
My Moon gardening book came today. Not about designing a moon garden, which I failed at this year... but about planting and harvesting by moon cycles. Llewellyn's publications have always intrigued me. Actually some of this stuff is making sense.
I wonder if those meteors are still falling. Haven't bothered to take a look...



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