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11:46 p.m. - 2013-08-08
Bye bye vacation..
I decided I need to have one fun day a week. Years ago I told Sal we should go for a hike every Sunday, not book anything that day other then that. It lasted for a short while. Just noticed how quickly the energized feeling from one weeks vacation can ware off.
Only got a few more weeks left until the kids go back to school. Rocco has been bored and depressed lately because there are no kids to play with and his other 10 year old friend's folks never called us back. I should make him do work around here to pay for this computer camp I'm sending him to next week. Think I'll start having him dig to make adobe bricks.
14 more birds left to process, then I can take a break. I'm not a "prepper" or anything, just like raising our own food and having a well stocked pantry in the winter when I get home from work.
I'm not really sure how you can profit off small scale meat birds (unless they are heirloom raised for higher end restaurants willing to pay)with the cost of feed so high, and paying for USDA processing.But it does make sense and save money if you do it for yourself.
Had a brief encounter with anxiety today as I caught a glimpse of my logbook which I plan on updating this weekend. That anxiety was not here with me yesterday, that's how I know my small vacation is beginning to wear off.
Before the vacation I don't think I could have even looked at the book at all. I don't want to tense up to that point again.



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