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11:21 p.m. - 2013-08-07
Processed another 5 meaties today. Sal always has a hard time finding the vein. I hate doing that, but maybe I should do it instead of him as I don't like him getting all frustrated and transferring that energy into the poor birds. They shouldn't suffer or go out in a panic, that's just not fair to them.
Met with an old friend/colleague and his family to discuss their flight training. I'm really flattered he sought me out after all these years. Can't believe his daughter is all grown up and she turned out very beautiful!
I'm excited to fly a new-to-me plane, the Gruman Cheetah. Never flown one of their products before and I understand they have some quirks and possible bad stall characteristics. He hasn't called insurance on it and asked if insurance ends up wanting me to have such amount of time in it before I use it to teach out of, if I'd just fly it uncovered until I built up the time. "Of course" I told him. I'm so damn tired of insurance dictating everything! Half the dang planes I flew in Alaska did not have insurance because premiums were too outrageous. I think the companies instill this fear in you that something bad will always happen and you'll loose everything. I'm scared to even total out all the money we pay for medical, auto, home and aircraft insurance every year. Seems like the one time we did have an accident that wasn't our fault, our car insurance went after the girls anyway, it's like the only ones doing all the suing are the insurance companies...
Anyway, trying to get as much stuff done as possible while I still have the energy and depression/defeat hasn't caught up to me just yet. When it does, at least I'll be a bit more ahead then usual.



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