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11:13 p.m. - 2013-08-06
sleep? yeah right!
Did not sleep well last night, then of course the phone starts going off at 6:30am. At least the first text was about work. The second one to come latter this morning was from our housesitter complaining we shorted her. We resolved it, but I wasn't in the mood...
We dressed and bagged 5 of the smaller meaties, now just 24 more to go. Hopefully we can finish this week because I can't keep up on their feed demands and ready to be done for the year!
My cat Nimmy is snoring at the foot of the bed. Hoping he'll help me sleep better tonight Have a full day of processing more chickens, then meeting two new students at a cafe latter.
Need to get back into some sort of routeen, but nearly impossible being self-employed and much of my schedule based on the weather. The marine layer has been so thick and a lot of my flights (the few I have) keep getting canceled.
Hope to paint this bedroom soon, maybe then I'll be more relaxed here and catch the sleep train...



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