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12:45 p.m. - 2013-08-09
public school stinks
Rarely do I ever write during the day. Thats why I picked black as a background color because it's easier on the eyes at night.
I absolutely hate Atascadero Unified for stringing us along and giving us the run-around about getting Jojo into kindergarten this year. Since the state is changing the entry age by pushing it up a month a year until all the kids need to be 5 September 1 to enter kindergarten. Jojo misses by one month on her Halloween birthday. We've been trying to contest and they've been leading us on making us jump through all these hoops to approve her to enter.
I had been speaking directly to the school superintendent since the spring and now and she decided to have her secretary message the elementary school secretary that Jojo can't enter kindergarden because she is too young and she'd have to go to Pre-K which is a 1/2hr. drive for us! I'm so pissed, we've been trying to call her and she doesn't have the nerve now to speak to us directly. Fuck school fundraisers or anything! If I get to making more money this year I'll put Jojo in private school. They are like robing her of a year of her life!
I said I'd be reserving one day a week for a hike (preferably Sunday) but doesn't look like it will happen this weekend as I have a night flight tomorrow night, then a morning flight the next day.. Maybe I can figure an evening hike somewhere. Really need something to help me unwind...
This evening after another full day of downsizing chickens and canning I'm going to start drinking early! Didn't have one drop of anything all week, and tried to eat mostly vegetables. Now I need a little self-medication...



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