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10:18 p.m. - 2021-07-19
No more route A
You know I'm really just not happy with driving the 71 route. Everyday something happens to piss me off. I mean there are good moments too, and several people I enjoy seeing and talking to, but then the losers keep showing up more and more and I just can't stand it.
There is no way I can do this the entire year. I really want to go back to passengers all miss me and have been complaining about Don. I'm seriously beginning to start to rethink what I'm doing.
Only a few more days until I fly to Sedona. I've been watching the weather and they have been having typical monsoon weather that is sometimes a challenge to fly around. I love the desert storms, but more so when I'm on the ground.
I got to chatting with the host of the event, along with a few others who are going and they all want airplane rides.
My goal is to meet new people and make new friends. Really hope I can form some soul connections because that is what it sounds like people are going to the event for. And if we are all looking for the same thing then seems like it should happen.
Just hoping everything else works out without a hitch.
I have now been bleeding for two weeks straight. It's worst when I'm driving the bus..I don't know if it's because of stress, or just me being seated for so long. I picked up an expensive herbal liquid iron supplement as I've been feeling really tired. I'll get it checked out after I return from my trip. I sorta wish I was staying longer, but only for good reasons like I meet someone or find a happy situation.
I have so much packing to do and I wanted to finish the x-stitching on that one new dress, but everyday I come home from work I'm totally wiped out and just want to lay down.
The kids went to Fresno. I'm glad Rocco took Jojo with his gf. It was so sad this weekend we were watching something on tv and this brother and sister were playing and hugging. Jojo said "that's the kind of relationship I always wanted with my brother, but he always pushes me away, we've never hugged once"... I feel so sad for her. I hope that in time as they grow older he'll open up to her more.
Anyway I'm tired and hope I can fall asleep ok.



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