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10:45 p.m. - 2022-06-29
Last day off and I'm sad.
I got home the other night and actually convinced Jojo to drive back down to SLO with me for Indian food. There really isn't that great of ethnic food in this county (aside from Mexican) but I was really craving it, and they had the buffet going for dinner as well as lunch now! The goat was actually the best..they use the same spices as I do with lamb. And..they had the Reno air races on one of their tv's so that made me happy!
Jo and I decided to have a slumber party with the cats in the living room, and just watched whatever nonsense on tv. I really wasn't feeling too good which surprised me. But then I found out fucking period started and fuck that scares me for this work week!
Yesterday was my birthday, and Jo and I usually go get pedicures for it, but the place was closed. So we went and did it today. I really wanted to do more these days off but I just felt so weak like my legs were full of sand. So I tried a new shot today called the "adrenal boost". It's B12 mixed with B5. Actually I think I notice a difference and wish I got it yesterday instead. But maybe it's better today for my work trip and period coming on. Ugh!
Things just feel so different to me now and I can't figure out why.
My one friend from Holland who is trying to leave her country for Mexico and raffle off stuff to raise money for the move has only made $500 so far. She's trying to raise $3k. Now my other friend who already moved to Mexico and bought a home to open an bed and breakfast also wants to start her own raffle because she's short on cash too.
I'm just getting so irritated because I donate money to many of these people for their causes and none of them actually work. In fact they brag about not being in the rat race anymore and living their dreams, but then they start these fundraisers because they are broke! I just don't feel like it's fair that I work my ass off while they don't work and instead live their dreams while depending on working people to support them. I mean I'll always try and support a friend who I feel is desperate, or lost everything. But I don't feel like many of these people fit that. And I don't want to be guilted into giving money again..



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