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10:16 p.m. - 2022-01-19
small words
We had a nice chat tonight..all the girls on Alara's channel. Alara came on for a few to talk about her new focus in the gym, and quitting meat again. I of course remained shy until Jen prodded me to talk about my tuna casserole failure the other night when I forgot to add the tuna! Alara posted something about "tunagate" wasn't sure if she was talking about what I said?? She says some interesting out of the blue things. But..Sarah did ask to to start saving up airfare to come visit her in Mexico, and Alara replied she'll be flying with me! That made my day!!!
I miss Meara so much..I wish I could freeze time and just hang out with her talking and talking until we are both blue in the face. I feel so much love for her, such an awesome connection.
For some reason I've been having a hard time meditating. I haven't been too creative lately's like I'm in some sort of deadzone.
I'm hoping I start feeling better and exercising more. Finally got out and did a few loops around the lake carrying my weights. I love to listen to the waterfowl, and look at all the pastel colors in the ripples of the lake at sunset. That really helps to keep my head together.
The Zzquil is kicking in so better nod off..



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