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10:14 p.m. - 2021-12-03
Dizzy bus
Not sure what it is tonight..I feel so anxious but really do not have any reason to be at all.
Last night I kept waking up coughing with this stupid post nasal drip tickle in my throat. Then today I felt a tiny bit achy but not like I'm getting sick, more like a cold, damp weather kind of achy. I had another tickle in my throat while driving the bus, and kept coughing that I got super dizzy and this sort of tunnel vision. I kept thinking about pulling over but decided not to as I knew it go away, and I was approaching a red light anyway.
I feel like things are starting to change again, a bit like a chapter is ending and a new one is about to begin. Nothing last for long anymore. I think I found a new and permanent group of friends, but then they all go off and leave one by one.
Maybe that's why I'm all wound subconscious is thinking about the new year coming up. I have some goals and started some new routines, but who knows how long they'll last and if I meet my goals.



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