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10:13 p.m. - 2022-01-05
Something better
I've started having the blues since holiday season has ended. No more Halloween, autumn, or Christmas decorations to look at. Just dirty leaves being endlessly blown by those annoying gas blowers into the streets.
The best part of going to my folks for X-mas was going out shopping in all the ethnic markets with Rainbow. I bought some really good Bao and teas from this huge SE Asian market, then some candles from a Botanica.
Drove a route 9 again for holiday bid which is a nice break from driving endless boring circles in town. I got to see the sunset everyday..well that is except for half the time it was pouring down rain. They even shut part of the freeway down for flooding. Sal said probably some homeless plugged the drains up with all their crap everywhere!
Now I'm back to my annoying homeless creeps trying to scam me out of their fare, and the endless circles. They still haven't fixed the electric door at our yard office. Yesterday after work I was sitting with Bev in the breakroom and the door flys open..some crazy dude walks in and throws something on the table and tells us to give it to his mom Giesela. Then Eric and Don come running in because they didn't want his crazy ass starting anything with us. We were all mad because this wouldn't have happened if the door was fixed! Bev and I texted our head supervisor to tell her what happened and she blamed it on us for having the door propped open (as they told us to do as long as there was someone in the office) and said that door is to remain shut always. They have a hideaway key for us now since the electric id pad mechanism is broke, but it's such a pain to have to get it everytime we want in and out that we leave the door propped open during the day to make it easier for everyone.
Anyway..I got home Monday after dealing with that and Jo was sick. She had thrown up and had a high fever. I decided to call in to stay home with her. Then today she wanted to stay home from her first day back to school and I was worried about what to say. So a friend passenger of mine suggested I go for the non questionable excuse of that time of the month, that way they could not insist I get her a Covid test. It worked!
Jo is better today..I think she got some food poisoning. I actually think I may have also because Monday night I grabbed some ceviche last minute and ate it with fresh tortilla chips. After I was done my stomach swelled and bloated on me, then burned up and down my throat all night. The next day it shot out the other end all morning. So I doubled up my Chlorine dioxide , taking 12 drops in two hours and it stopped right like that. That stuff really works fast for intestinal bugs!
I'm trying to deny it, but I'm super burnt out of my job right now. I'm so sick of dealing with these awful homeless people and listening to their lies and excuses day after day. They don't do anything to help themselves or try to climb out of their situation. There are "we're hiring" signs everywhere, and these idiots would rather sit on corners or in front of Walmart with their cardboard signs, then go and get high and ask for "courtesy rides" from us because "their wallet was stolen", or they just got out of "jail" or "the hospital"..but always have cigarettes or dope on them. It totally disgust me and I'm running out of patience for this. I need something better, and more meaningful. Need to find something better soon!



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