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10:16 p.m. - 2016-05-24
week necessity
Finished the mail early today. I did find that missing package too and redelivered it.
A lot of people probably pretty pissed at me for fucking up their mail!
Bad period again and I forgot to keep taking those herbs, so now I'm really a mess! I hope I can sleep tonight.
Chatted with J today. Mad she stopped going to therapy..she really needs to work her shit out. After a divorce is a time of reflection, a time to get to know yourself again. The new you, that is, time to see how much you've changed. How you grew, what you lost, your weaknesses..just time to take a breath of fresh air!
I just want to make new friends now. I have been so busy I keep missing my hiking meet-ups. Really need to attend more of those. I always meet interesting people, looking to make friends. Actually have a little crush on one of the women who organizes the meetings..
Anyway, I'm being distracted...better sign off.



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