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10:40 p.m. - 2021-06-08
Dirt devils
Seriously worried about my memory. Last night before bed I was listening to some music on Dronezone, and this song I really liked came on again. So I went to looking on all the music sites seeing if I could buy or download it. It wasn't on Spotify which I already pay for..Amazon and iTunes had the album for $20 and I didn't want to spend that much. Then I went to sleep.
Tonight I saw it on my laptop and remembered I wanted to look it up on I found it there; Robert Rich "Cave Paintings". I scrolled down until I read the words "you own this"..
So I looked in my music library and there was the album...I already fucking purchased it off Bandcamp! WTF is wrong with me that I totally forgot??!!

Today was a little boring. Eric told me that at work Don threw in the towel as our union rep and most likely because he wanted to leave before he was voted out..sort of doing it on his terms. Then Eric asked me if I wanted to be the other North county rep since we need two. I told him if you guys want me to I'll do it for us. Then I told Tracy who we just voted in that I'd be happy to work with her as a union rep if that's what everyone wants. She said she's mention it to Cliff, the head of our union so we'll see..not sure what I'm getting myself into..

I decided I'm not going to force the mask policy on my bus, so today I had this one woman who didn't wear one and she kept asking me the time. I felt like she had some sort of anxiety and drug abuse issue, not a full on tweeker but something was a little off. She stepped out of my bus while I was about to leave on my lunch break. I tossed her a paper mask and said "I really don't care about this, but the next driver will" and she took it and smiled at me. Had her again later and she still had the mask and half ass wore it like I do mine! So fucking over this!!

There was this huge dirt devil in the road and I drove my bus right through it. It shoved the bus hard to the side, then shook it and an alarm went off for a few seconds then stopped. That was the highlight of my day!

This evening I hung out with my daughter who was home alone all day. We had a long talk about drugs. I like that she ask me so many questions and listens to me when she's not in one of her pre-teen moods.

I hope the plane is done soon, I really need to fly it. There is a fly-in happening in Mohave a few weekends from now I really want to fly to.



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