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11:02 p.m. - 2021-02-23
Been having a heavy week at work. I didn't get much rest last night as I kept waking up with horrible hip and sciatic pain. 4:30am alarm goes off and Jen Telegrams me back. We chat back and fourth until I just had to get out of bed as it hurt too much to lay there. I drove to the airport and my plane had the same old key problem with the key not clicks in the mags! I was getting upset because this could not be happening again after we replaced the ignition switch and most of the electrical system last year. So I turned the master switch on and off one last time and gave it another go and it started! Oh man I'm on edge now. It was well above freezing at 40 degrees so I have no idea whats going on.
After my flight Jen and I chatted a bit more until I decided it was time for my nap. I took some ibuprofen, and the dream memory supplements and layed down. Things started spinning and I felt like jello so I just let go. Then I felt myself float out of my body and it felt so good to be pain free. I hovered a few inches above my body and turned all the way around but could not see anything just feel. So I decided to try and project my conscious out..thought of a friend and went for a visit. Saw bits of her looked like she was getting ready for work and I didn't want to intrude. Then for some reason I thought about Jen and I saw what looked like a backyard and a dark swimming pool or man made pond surrounded by new bark. I was like wait she doesn't have a pool, so not sure what that was about..still figuring this all out.
The rest of the day I was busy non stop with driving the big ass shuttle bus and tons of wheelchairs. My supervisor Mike challenged me to write 5 different things I'm grateful for every morning because he knows I've been down and struggling lately.
As I returned to the yard for a quick break I see Francine in her Cutaway parked right by the yard entrance. I drive on by and park with the rest of my north county coworkers. They were like what the hell is she doing parked all the way down there. I was all "avoiding me and my Covid germs". Oh and they posted the new VTT training schedule for this summer and they put her in my class! Mike told me to write to our head super about it so I did. I emailed and asked her if she would separate us because Francine told me to keep far away from her because I had had Covid (not while I was ill of course!) So well see what the boss has to say about that..
My phone had been ringing all morning and afternoon with back to back Span calls! It's that damn car warranty bullshit recording! I must have gotten 100 calls..even when I put my ringer on mute it still rang out loud! WTF???? So friends gave me some tips and I blocked every one of those numbers and just silenced my phone. They all stopped by mid afternoon so we will see how tomorrow goes.
I chatted with J for awhile last night. She got blocked by that girl and she is really down about it, but still so much obsessed by the girl for some reason. She is beginning to worry me.. but alas not my monkeys, not my circus.
I need to relax right now, something is bugging me and I'm not sure what it is, or if it's just the cumulation of everything right now. My daughter has been totally rude and ignoring me lately. When I go into her room to hang out and visit with her she walks out and sits in the other room like a little shit! I feel like just running away from here and not telling anyone where I'm at if I'm so unimportant to all of them. Fuck it!



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